Nanette Kaulig has been working as an animator in the games industry for over 14 years.

She started her career at Free Radical Design in Nottingham/England, working on TimeSplitters2 
and Second Sight.
She then moved to the south of England to join Lionhead Studios.
Her credits include Black&White2, Black&White - Battle of the Gods (lead animator) as well as  Fable2
and 3, where she supervised Simulation and Interactive Cutscenes.
In 2010 she joined Yager Development GmbH in Berlin/ Germany, where she worked as Senior Cinematic & Character Animator on the Cutscenes of Spec Ops: The Line and where she was later promoted to be   Animation Director.
It was in Berlin, as well, where she started teaching Animation at the HTW, University of Applied Science.
Today she is a professor for '3D Animation and CG Art for Games' at the Cologne Game Lab, University of Applied Science Cologne.


A graduate of Ballyfermot College in Dublin/Ireland (HND Art and Design), she has a classical animation production background and has enjoyed drawing and experimenting from an early age. She was ten when she created her first 'cut out' short film.




Film/ Gameography:



Hahn Film, Berlin, Germany

Gnarfs - 2D Artist, Preproduction (model sheets, clean up)


2012 - 2015

Yager Development GmbH, Germany

Dead Island 2 - Senior Cinematic and Character Animator

Animation Director (since March 2015) 



2010 - 2012

Yager Development GmbH, Germany

Spec Ops: The Line - Senior Cinematic and Character Animator


2006 - 2009

Lionhead Studios, Guildford, England

Fable 2 / DLC  and Fable 3 - Lead Simulation Cutscene Animator


2005 - 2006

Lionhead Studios, Guildford, England

Black & White 2, Battle of the Gods - Lead Animator



2003 - 2005

Lionhead Studios, Guildford, England

Black & White 2 - 3D Animator


2001 - 2002

 Free Radical Design, Nottingham, England

Timesplitters 2 and Second Sight - 3D Animator


Side Projects


The Marvellous Miss Take - 3D Animator



 Kickstarter Project Tikis & Mikis (Online Series) - 3D Animator